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צרו קשר

ראש החוג ויועץ מוסמך: פרופ' אלכסנדר קוליק

יועצת בוגר: ד"ר נינה רודניק

מזכירת החוג
מיטל ביטון:
חדר 4503 גוש 5 (ירוק)
טלפון: 02-5883581
פקס: 02-5881245
קבלת קהל: יום א' 14:00-11:00, ימים ב'-ה': 13:00-10:00




מלגות ופרסים

Tamara and Saveli Grinberg Tuition Scholarship for undergraduate students. (For details please contact the secretariat of the Department) 

Matwei Ginzbourg Fund annual prizes for students engaged in various researches in Russian and Slavic Studies. (For details please contact the secretariat of the Department)

Annual prize for an outstanding seminar paper of an undergraduate student. (For details please contact

Annual Prize for an outstanding student in Russian Language. (For details please contact the secretariat of the Department) 

Other Scholarship in Russian Studies

- Research scholarships in the field of politics, culture, history and society of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (for details <>. For questions and inquiries, please contact the European Forum at the Hebrew University.

Students of our division are also eligible for the following scholarships:

- Scholarship of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (for details click here

- Loan of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (for details click here

- Loan of The Israel Free Loan Association (click here

- Research Grants and Prizes of Nevzlin Center (for details click here

- Scholarship program of the FIDF (click here

- The President Scholarship for PhD candidats (for details

- Scholarship of Wolf Foundation for PhD candidats (for details

- Nathan Rotenstreich Scholarship for PhD candidats (for details ) 

- Rothschild Fellowships (for details

- Mandel Scholarships of Scholion Interdisciplinary Research Center in Jewish Studies for post-doctoral students (for details click here)

- Scholarship of Kaete Klausner Foundation (for details

- Special Scholarship of the Hebrew University (click here

- Lady Davis Fellowship Trust (for details

- Golda Meir Fellowship (for details  

- Martin Buber Society of Fellows (for details )  

- Postdoctoral and Doctoral Fellowships in Russian and East European Studies (for details  CREES@POST.TAU.AC.IL

- Azrieli International PostDoctoral Fellowships (for details click here)

- The Harry and Sylvia Hoffman Leadership and Responsibility Program (for details )  

- Kaete Klausner annual prizes for new immigrants students (for details

- For other scholarships please see /student.php?cat=3334&incat=0

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